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Neurolive 2021

Claire will be taking part in Neurolive 2021,  an interdisciplinary research collaboration that brings artists, scientists and audiences together to study what makes live experiences special. The three-day online symposium launches the project NEUROLIVE by opening up questions around different ways of conceptualising, measuring and practicing liveness. An invited group of humanities scholars, cognitive scientists and … More about Neurolive 2021

Claire and Nadja teach on new course exploring Diversity and Inclusive Practice in Performing Arts

  Claire and our Exec Producer Nadja Dias will be teaching on Accademia Teatro Dimitri’s new Certificate of Advances Studies in Diversity and Inclusive Practice in Performing Arts. The course is aimed at international professional artists in the field of contemporary performing arts, with or without disabilities, who want to deepen their artistic practice and … More about Claire and Nadja teach on new course exploring Diversity and Inclusive Practice in Performing Arts

Quanimacy, a new audio work for Splayed Festival

At the invitation of Artist Amy Bell, Claire has created a new sound piece for Splayed Festival at The Place, London.   Featuring Prof. Julia Watts Belser Music by Matthias Herrmann Transcript design by Bethany Wells Dramaturgical and Editorial Support by Luke Pell Quanimacy* is a binaural sound work created by disabled artist and choreographer Claire Cunningham, … More about Quanimacy, a new audio work for Splayed Festival

Downtime with Lou Cope

Claire recently took part in Downtime,  an interview podcast with Dramturg Lou Cope.  Downtime is a series of interviews with dance artists and arts leaders, talking about how they are coping during covid, if and how they are responding creatively to this enforced period of downtime and what their hopes for a new landscape might be. … More about Downtime with Lou Cope

Choreography of Care

As a culmination of her role as tanzhaus nrw‘s Factory Artist, Claire was due to curate the Choreography of Care symposium originally scheduled for mid-May.  The symposium would investigate how “Care” – caring for yourself and others – works, if careful attention is paid to artistic collaboration, research, rehearsals and performances, barriers and the audience? Claire has produced a … More about Choreography of Care

Conflict of Interests

Claire is one of 35 Artists who have shared their experiences of lockdown on The Alliance of International Production Companies’ new blog. Claire’s piece, Conflict of Interests reflects on the fear and anger of the disabled community, on dealing with a great sense of loss and on keeping her private spaces, private. I am very conflicted at … More about Conflict of Interests