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The Choreography of Care – Publications

Following the production of  Thank You Very Much (2019) and dialogues between the team and rabbi, scientist, and activist Julia Watts Belser, Claire began to develop clear framing structures for the different meanings of Care.  To further develop our understanding of Care we are working with the team at tanzhaus nrw on the Choreography of Care symposium which will take place in March 2022. Until then, we would like to introduce you to all participating artists and share their initial thoughts on the topic of Care through a series of publication curated by Claire and Luke Pell, and designed by Bethany Wells.

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From November 2021 to February 2022 you will receve six issues of the publication series by post, with offers from invited artists and the curating team. The first edition of the series will appear on Friday, November 5th.

You can order the publication here, including back dated issues.

The print publication appears in English. The German version, the audio description and videos in German sign language are available online on the subpages listed here.