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The Choreography of Care Symposium is now on sale!

22 & 23 March, tanzhaus nrw, Dusseldorf

The symposium is based on Claire‘s working practice which considers attention to time, design, communication and the act of performance itself as opportunities for care. The two day event will seek to shift away from formal methods of presentation and listening, to offer participatory provocations for engagement, creating multiple spaces and opportunities for conversation and reflection on the concept of care, particularly in relation to performance.

Offering provocations from their own practice, Claire’s accomplices include disabled scholar and rabbi Julia Watts-Belser, choreographers Jo Bannon, mayfield brooks, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke and Alessandro Schiattarella, duos Fevered Sleep, Liz Rosenfeld & Rodrigo Garcia Alves, and performance designer Bethany Wells.

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