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German Dance Awards

Over the weekend, Claire was presented with the German Dance Prize for Outstanding Artistic Development.

“Thank you to the jury for this honour and recognition. For the award itself and for the incredible company it places me alongside – this year and previous winners.  This acknowledgement of my career and work is truly appreciated, empowering and humbling all at the same time. The recognition given here that artists such as myself, who have traditionally not been considered part of the dance canon, are offering valuable direction and potential to the development of dance, dance vocabulary and techniques matters a great deal to me personally and I believe is felt politically in the wider community of disabled artists”. – Claire

Emma Gladstone, freelance writer and curator said of Claire

“In the course of her career, Claire has not only shown the courage that is inherent in all powerful artists. Above all, she has rehearsed the rejection of the status quo – ours and hers. In doing so, she pretty much mixed up some of the things that are taken for granted in the contemporary performance scene. “
“But you are at the center of every maelstrom that leads to a new staging: your intelligence, your curiosity, your courage and inventiveness, your diabolical humor and your longing for unknown territory. It is you, Claire, who sets the storm in motion and the one who rides on it. “

Find the full details of the German Dance Prize and its recipients here.