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Claire and Nadja teach on new course exploring Diversity and Inclusive Practice in Performing Arts


Claire and our Exec Producer Nadja Dias will be teaching on Accademia Teatro Dimitri’s new Certificate of Advances Studies in Diversity and Inclusive Practice in Performing Arts.

The course is aimed at international professional artists in the field of contemporary performing arts, with or without disabilities,
who want to deepen their artistic practice and expand their repertoire in inclusive contexts.

The practical-theoretical training course is made up of didactic modules that are  divided into three macro-thematic areas:

– The first conveys the tools of an alternative method that is useful for realizing artistic projects in inclusive contexts (devising).
– The second concerns the presentation and research of various methods of individual and collective creation.
– The third aims to build conceptual, planning, and organizational elements for the development, implementation, and distribution of a project in the field of inclusive performing arts (arts producing).

Within this framework, Claire’s module will exploring devising work through the framework of Choreography of Care while Nadja’s module will look at Producing and Inclusive Working Practice. Additional teaching will be done by Emanuel Rosenberg and Michael Turinsky.

Running from May 2021 to October 2022. The individual modules are concentrated into 5-10 consecutive days in Lugano Switzerland,  in order to be able to reconcile the training with possible professional obligations.

The total number of hours includes the practical-theoretical training and the preparation of project work through self-study.
The working hours during the modules are flexible and can vary between 5 and 7 hours per day depending on the possibilities and
needs of the participants and lecturers.
The CAS program is coordinated and organized by the Accademia Dimitri (SUPSI) in collaboration with Emanuel Rosenberg (Teatro Danzabile).

For full details and to apply, visit the Accademia Teatro Dimitri website.