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Thank for Very Much scoops two CATS awards!

Thank You Very Much has won two awards at this year’s Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS)!

Best Ensemble – Vicky Malin, Claire Cunningham, Tanja Erhart and Dan Daw

On behalf of the performers of Thank You Very Much – Dan Daw, Tanja Erhart, Vicky Malin and myself Claire Cunningham – I would like to say a profound thank you (very much!) for this award. At this time in particular, where none of us know when we will be with, and be close with, audiences again it feels particularly touching to feel remembered and to know that our presence burned vividly in the memories of those who shared space with us during our shows. As disabled artists, at a time when there is genuine fear among our wider community of being forgotten or of categorisation as ‘vulnerable’ or even ‘expendable’, this recognition of our presence and contribution feels especially vital. We would like to acknowledge that, as the visible ensemble of the work, this award also carries beyond us to the whole ensemble involved in making & staging Thank You Very Much and extend our own thanks to them for their care, talent and support in crafting the world we truly revel in performing within. Thank you sincerely to the CATS award panel for brightening all our days with this news.

Best Music and Sound – Matthias Herrmann

Thank you very much for this award. I feel lucky to have been part of the fantastic group of people who created this show in the warmest and friendliest atmosphere I have experienced. I had such huge support from the whole group and especially Claire Cunningham. Her openness to everybody’s ideas created a space where creativity was propelled like a rocket.

Matthias Hermann

Thank You Very Much was also shortlisted for Best Production. Visit the CATS website for the full list of winners.