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The Way You Look (at me) Tonight – In Depth

With support from the #takecare program, Claire and collaborators Jess Curtis (Co-creator, Performer), Luke Pell (Dramaturge) and Yoann Trellu (Video Artist) engaged in a series of conversations regarding the most interesting ways to create and present an after-the-fact reflection on their 2016 work The Way You Look (at me) Tonight, particularly in view of the recent effects of Covid-19 on our physical choices in social space.

The team chose one of the central scores of the piece itself, a score we called the ‘Stroll and Talk’, and conduct a series of real-time conversations focused on central themes in the work such as:

    • The effects of each of our distinct physicalities on our practices and habits of perception and particularly what the effects of the lived experience of disability have to offer this issue;
    • The dynamics of safely proposing a performance work that included the possibility of actual physical contact with the audience;
    • The reflexive effects of touch and attention on both giver and receiver in any perceptual exchange.

The result is a film by Yoann Trello with reflections from Claire, Luke and Jess.