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Quanimacy, a new audio work for Splayed Festival


At the invitation of Artist Amy Bell, Claire has created a new sound piece for Splayed Festival at The Place, London.

Quanimacy* is a binaural sound work created as an intimate reflection on Claire’s relationship with their crutches, the queering of their body and the concept of queer animacy.

A conversation between Claire and the crutches, and featuring the voice and theories of Prof. Julia Watts Belser, scholar, rabbi, and activist for disability, LGBTQ, and gender justice who writes about the concept of queer animacy, their words are supported by the musical arrangements of composer Matthias Herrmann and dramaturgical care of Luke Pell.  A transcript of the work, designed by Bethany Wells, is a beautiful piece in itself and includes notes and references, please find a moment to take a look.

The audio piece runs for approx 20mins and is binaural – so ideally for headphones.

It’s free but ticketed. Available through The Place’s website for 30 days from Thu 15 October.

Featuring Prof. Julia Watts Belser
Music by Matthias Herrmann
Transcript design by Bethany Wells
Dramaturgy & Editing by Luke Pell

*Quanimacy – a term coined by dramaturg Luke Pell after Julia Watts Belser’s theories on queer animacy, is the name adopted by Claire for their bespoke dance technique which has evolved in relation to these ideas, and is an embodiment of the meetings of many minds, bodies and knowledge shared over years of collaboration and attending.