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Conflict of Interests

Claire is one of 35 Artists who have shared their experiences of lockdown on The Alliance of International Production Companies’ new blog.

Claire’s piece, Conflict of Interests reflects on the fear and anger of the disabled community, on dealing with a great sense of loss and on keeping her private spaces, private.

I am very conflicted at the moment about invitations to respond to the current situation. I am torn, wondering if perhaps I should say nothing at this time.  Part of me feels that artists are really not the important thing just now, that we should cede space to those who keep people alive and safe. That we should not continue to feel the pressure of putting things into the world to justify our existence…
I feel in one moment that I should not share anything, but then I start to write and then comes this enormous text…an outpouring. Because I don’t know which things to share. I don’t know what is important any more…

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