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Beyond the Breakwater

(Filmed and edited by Canvas, an Arts Council-funded initiative bringing together arts organisations across England.)

So here I will build. On crutches. Something. Something for you. For me. Something alive or dead. A memorial or a blueprint. Natural or unnatural. A beginning or an end. Or something in between. Depends how you look at it…

Beyond the Breakwater was originally created for  The Tale by Bristol based contemporary art organisation Situations.  The Tale was an unique arts trail, around the coast of Torbay – from the streets of Torquay, through hidden coves & historic harbours of Brixham, to the quarry of Berry Head Nature Reserve.  Along the way audiences encountered performances  and installations from internationally acclaimed artists all inspired by the text of Phillip Hoare.

Beyond the Breakwater was inspired by the environment of Breakwater Beach: at the edge between natural and man made environments, the point where things get wilder; a terrain which imposes Claire’s unique way of perceiving the world as a crutch user, on all who walk on it: slowly, with eyes drawn to the ground and with careful attention.

Claire uses crutches that were due to be scrapped to build a sculpture on the beach, creating a choreography around its construction, a homage to/questioning of ideas of labour -in a town built around and sustained by the fishing industry- and interactions with the natural environment.

(Filmed and Edited by Phil Vinter)



Created by Claire Cunningham
Dramaturg Luke Pell
Photographer Paul Blakemore courtesy of Situations