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4 Legs Good Lecture Demonstration

One of the UK’s most acclaimed and internationally renowned disabled artists, Claire Cunningham, presents a lecture demonstration exploring her artistic practice.

Claire talks through the development of her career as her focus shifts from explorations about the connection between her crutches and her body, to how her crutches connect her to the world.

She demonstrates her own unique movement style Quanimacy, illustrating how she is influenced by the use/misuse, study and distortion of her crutches; rejecting formal dance training and techniques created for non-disabled bodies.  She will discuss how her work is also influenced by her lived experience of disability and its impact on the way society thinks about knowledge, value, connection and interdependence.

This is a relaxed, informal event where the audience is free to make themselves comfortable. There will usually be Sign Language Interpretation, Audio Description, Captioning / Surtitles and a variety of seating options.  Please see individual venues for details.

Approx 70mins in duration

Image: Meyer_Unlabel